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 Installation and mounting
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 Supply of
   electromechanical equipment
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 Testing and commissioning
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 Control systems implementation
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   personnel training
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 After sales assistance
   Testing and commissioning HYDROTECH Engineering
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   Upon completion of the electro-mechanical installation (including software and automation, if necessary), the commissioning team takes over. Their task is to ensure attainment of outlet parameters in the shortest possible time, as well as stabilization of the plant's activity. Some important activities carried out during this "break-in" period are as follows:

   - operation of the plant up to stabilization;
   - development of secondary sludge;
   - ensuring proper operation of the plant's equipment, with minimal consumption of electricity;
   - optimization of chemicals' use (if necessary);
   - chemical analyses to establish progress towards attaining parameters.
   For each case, Hydrotech guarantees the proper operation of the plant, and compliance with the outlet parameters as described in the relevant legislation or in the tender specifications. Once these parameters are met, the plant is considered ready for final delivery to the customer. As such, the plant now enters its warranty phase, and during this period, Hydrotech specialists perform regular visits to ensure the plant's performance.
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