Industrial effluent treatment
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 Domestic effluent treatment
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   Every wastewater treatment plant is specially designed for a given purpose. The proposed solution is primarily influenced by the demands of water authorities, investors, and a desired favorable relationship between investment and operational expenses.
   Long-term experience with the application of the latest information in the field of wastewater treatment is applied during the selection of appropriate technology. Wastewater treatment is, as a rule, based upon mechanical pre-treatment, followed by biological treatment, and in some cases, tertiary treatment.
   Biological treatment is carried out based upon the principles of the low loaded activated sludge process in modification with selectors, with biological nutrient removal (Nitrogen and Phosphorus), or separated sludge regeneration.
   Excess activated sludge is stabilized aerobic or anaerobic with subsequent sludge dewatering. In the event of anaerobic stabilization of sludge, Hydrotech is able to ensure the delivery of the complete system and the use of the biogas produced.
   For the treatment of industrial wastewater, chemical-physical methods are applied in the same way, or a combination of biological aerobic and anaerobic treatment is employed.
   Our specialists select the best solutions taking into consideration the best available technology, the space limitations, the wastewater characteristics and the environmental protection norms.
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