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   Supply of electromechanical equipment HYDROTECH Engineering
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   Hydrotech has got wide experience in choosing the finest equipment and materials for our systems. These areMechanical room imported directly from manufacturers abroad. Our scope of supply always includes importing of the equipment and on-site delivery.
   Due to long term collaboration with several suppliers, our engineers are familiar with the equipment selection software in order to select the appropriate machinery and instruments according to specific requirements of each case and to integrate it in the design.

   Our wide spectrum of equipment used in our wastewater treatment plants includes:
    - submersible, propeller and dry pumps for pumping of the Blowerswastewater between the process steps;
    - submersible and dry motor mixers for the homogenization of the tanks' content;
    - rotary air blowers for the air supply to the aerobic reactors;
    - coarse, medium and fine bubble diffusers for the air distribution to the aerobic reactors;
    - mechanical screens for the removal of the coarse solids;
    - flotation units for the removal of the fine solids and the fat content;
    - tilted plate separators (lamella units) for primary sedimentation;
    - automatic chemical dosing units for adjustment of the pH and coagulation and flocculation processes;
    - surface and bottom scrapers for secondary sedimentation tanks;
    - decanter centrifuge units for the proper dewatering of the excess sludge;
    - three phase separators and influent distribution systems for the high rated anaerobic processes;
    - all necessary instrumentation for the control of the process.

   Furthermore, Hydrotech not only imports the required equipment, but also keeps in stock large quantities of spare parts. As a result, the company can assist in the maintenance and service of all the installations, thereby avoiding any unpleasantries for its clients.
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