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 Quality management system
   Quality management system HYDROTECH Engineering
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      Our company provides complete services in the wastewater treatment field:
   - consulting and study
   - complete design
   - supply of electromechanical equipment
   - installation and mounting
   - testing and commissioning
   - the development of control systems
   - training courses for the operating personnel
   - after sales service.

   The quality of products and services is based on the following:

1. Qualified Personnel
   Over 200 specialists with knowledge and experience in design and installation of wastewater treatment plants, in technical and economical domains, as well as in research and development are working for the HYDROTECH group of companies. Many of them are recognized as experts in the field.

2. Quality System
HYDROTECH Engineering S.A. has and maintains implemented the management quality system in accordance to the norms of SR EN ISO 9001:2001, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2004. The projects are executed and realized according to the international standards, having always in view the quality of the installation and the satisfaction of the customers. Our company possesses the Certificate of the Environment and Water Management Department for consulting, designing as well as for the execution of installations in the hydro - construction field.

3. Permanent Development
   HYDROTECH is in permanent connection with the international information sources in the technological wastewater treatment field. The continuous development is ensured by regular participations to seminars and conferences, some of them organized by our company. HYDROTECH also participates on a regular basis to internal and international exhibitions.

4. Quality of Equipment
   The equipment used in our installations is of the highest quality and it is manufactured by well known producers from the European Union and with great experience in the wastewater treatment field.

5. Service
   The service is provided during the guarantee and post-guarantee period. The technical assistance provided ensures the smooth operation of the systems by direct response to any call. Our engineers and technicians make periodical visits to the plants in order to control the good functioning of the equipment and to perform chemical analysis for a better efficiency and operation of the facilities. At the same time, we carry out periodical training and adjustments, in order to ensure a more efficient and an economical functioning of the installations.
6. Laboratory Analysis
   Utilizing its own chemical laboratory, HYDROTECH Engineering S.A. provides its customers with analysis of wastewater and treated water parameters, information, suggestions and technical advice.
   Workshop and Storage of Spare PartsHYDROTECH Engineering S.A. has its own workshop in which a large hydraulic part of the plant is prefabricated. In the workshop, the company stores all the spare parts necessary for the maintenance and good functioning of the plant.
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