Engineering and design
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 Civil works
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 Installation and mounting
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 Supply of
   electromechanical equipment
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 Testing and commissioning
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 Control systems implementation
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   personnel training
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 After sales assistance
   Operating personnel training HYDROTECH Engineering
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   By contract, Hydrotech undertakes to supply the beneficiary with an Operation and Maintenance Manual. This Operation and Maintenance Manual contains the following:

   - architectural, mechanical, electrical as-built drawings;
   - original product brochures for each piece of equipment, from the manufacturer;
   - detailed process description;
   - step by step operating procedure and troubleshooting;
   - maintenance schedule and procedure for the entire plant.
   Having the above documentation as a theoretical tool, Hydrotech specialists perform a comprehensive training procedure with the operators of the plant, assigned by the beneficiary. These operators undergo a thorough theoretical and practical training up to the point where they are considered fit to run the plant in a satisfactory manner on their own. Furthermore, the operators are required to keep a logbook of their activities, in order to identify any inaccuracies in operation.
   Frequently, according to a pre-determined schedule, Hydrotech engineers and technicians visit the plant in order to make chemical analyses and routine maintenance.
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