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   HYDROTECH Water & Environmental Engineering Limited was founded by a group of specialists in the city of Limassol, in Cyprus. The company was formed with the goal of satisfying the growing needs in the field of wastewater treatment, as a result of the rapid growth in tourism and infrastructure.

   HYDROTECH a.s., joint-stock company, Bratislava, was established in the former Czechoslovakia, in order to develop its activities in the Central and Eastern Europe. After the separation of Czechoslovakia, the company continued with the construction of wastewater treatment facilities in Slovakia and abroad. Its current headquarters are in Vinosady.

   HYDROTECH s.r.o., was founded in the Czech Republic to ensure the installation of HYDROTECH wastewater treatment plants on the territory of the Czech Republic. Shortly afterwards, HYDROTECH s.r.o became the leader on the wastewater treatment market. Its headquarters are in Brno, and the commercial and marketing departments are in Prague.
   HYDROTECH S.A., was founded in Romania in order to expand its operations in countries with great needs in the field of ecological constructions. Its headquarters are in Bucharest. Due to the success registered on our market and the continuous need for environmental solutions required by the Norms of the European Union in the field of wastewater treatment, new offices were founded in Cluj Napoca and Timisoara.
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