Industrial effluent treatment
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 Domestic effluent treatment
   Domestic effluent treatment HYDROTECH Engineering
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   Man's existence has interfered with nature's cycle of life, especially from the pollution point of view. It is our own responsibility towards the environment to re-establish the balance nature requires in order to sustain life on earth. This is why classical methods are no longer the solution as far as domestic waste water treatment is concerned.
   Hydrotech has installed hundreds of sewage treatment plants in tourists projects and communities. The treated water produced by these plants is re-used for irrigation due to the excellent quality of the effluent which is produced after tertiary treatment by double filtration and addition of chemicals.
   Due to Hydrotech's policy, our customers are granted with high plant performance, low running expenses and increase in profit from wastewater reuse. The recycled water is freely available at no costs, for the watering of gardens, public areas and plant growth of all types. It may be used in sprinkler-system irrigation, for flushing of amenities, general cleaning of public spaces, squares, terraces, etc

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