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    In August 2006, the management of Ursus Timisoara brewery, which is a member of the Sabmiller Group, selected Hydrotech for the turnkey delivery of the industrial effluent plant consisting of an EGSB anaerobic reactor followed by plug flow aerobic treatment.
   The plant was designed to treat the waste water resulting from the production of beer of 28.000 hl / week. After all authorizations were obtained and after the construction started, the brewery management decided to increase the capacity of the factory to 60.000 hl / week, thus doubling the quantity of the waste water.
   Another EGSB reactor was introduced in the design, while special construction joints were placed to the ground slab and the walls of the aerobic post-treatment concrete tanks in order to obtain the approvals from the local authorities before the facility to be extended.
   Ursus brewery in Timisoara is the oldest brewery in Romania, built in 1718 and represents a monument for the city of Timisoara; this fact made it necessary for the architectural design to be harmonized with the actual design of the brewery architecture.

Location: Timisoara, Timis county
Capacity: 3000 cm/day.
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